Genelec Artist Room welcomes Teho Majamäki

null Genelec Artist Room welcomes Teho Majamäki

Genelec Artist Room welcomes Teho Majamäki

We were delighted to welcome Teho Majamäki to the Genelec Artist Room in Helsinki recently, where he treated us to an instrumental version of the song ‘Lusifer’ from his solo album ‘Travelogue’, and a new instrumental piece named ‘Tidal Pool’.

At the age of seven Teho tried his friend’s drum kit and so began a life of musical exploration and a love of percussion instruments of all flavours. Having originally worked in both classical and hardcore musical genres, Teho has since branched out into rock, folk, jazz, ambient and world music both as a musician and producer.

The original album recording of Lusifer features Ville Valo on vocals, and the lyrics are based on a 100 year old poem by Aarni Kouta called ’The Harp of Lucifer’. When playing live, Teho performs the whole song exclusively on percussion with his own pre-recorded loops, and brass parts played by the Pohjola Brothers.

In Tidal Pool, Teho uses water drums, a hydrophone, and a whole host of exotic instruments to recreate the sounds of nature. On this piece, everything is played live, with no pre-recorded loops at all.

We love the atmosphere of these pieces and we hope you enjoy them too!

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