GLM 4.1 nominated for Resolution Award

null GLM 4.1 nominated for Resolution Award

GLM 4.1 nominated for Resolution Award

If you’d like to show your support for our new GLM 4.1 calibration software, then please vote for us in the 2021 Resolution Magazine awards!

As always, we’re extremely proud that Resolution’s panel of industry experts and practitioners have shortlisted GLM 4.1 in the Monitoring category, in recognition of the huge impact that this latest version of GLM will have on users seeking great sounding mixes that translate consistently to other rooms and playback systems.

Unveiled in July, GLM 4.1 includes the next generation AutoCal 2 automatic room calibration algorithm – which delivers a more precise frequency response in a fraction of the time than was previously possible.

GLM 4.1 offers:

• Significantly faster calibration speeds
• Better calibration of ‘lively’ acoustic environments
• Increased number of EQ filters for more flexibility
• More consistent multi-point measurements
• Solo-X mode for faster soloing of monitors in immersive formats
• Extended phase linearity on the 8331A, 8341A, 8351B and 8361A coaxial models, for improved off-axis performance and ultra-nearfield imaging

Voting is quick, easy and open to everyone, and all you need to do to register your vote for GLM 4.1 is follow the link below before 30th November.

We would really appreciate your support, as always! Thank you.

Vote here!

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