Genelec supports Sami Yaffa’s Sound Tracker Series

As bassist with Hanoi Rocks, Joan Jett and New York Dolls, Sami Yaffa has toured the globe many times over. So when Sami, a confirmed Genelec enthusiast, asked us to support his Sound Tracker film series, we just couldn’t refuse!

In the series, Sami finds his way to the far corners of the world and explores the musical treasures of our beautiful blue planet - finding the rhythm and melody of life, and meeting the musicians and the people who create it, live it and love it, concluding that:

“Music is food for the soul, an essential and important part of our everyday life. Without music, our time here on earth would be dull and unimaginable. It's a universal language that unites us all, and cuts through colour barriers, religion and social standings. Music is for everyone, it makes us one.”

Come and join us as we watch Sami travel from the concrete jungle to the real jungle - through Indonesia, Senegal, India, Turkey and Jamaica - and see why he believes that “without music, we would perish.”


Watch the Turkish music videos:

Erkan Oğur

Kardeş Türküler


Watch the Senegalese music videos:

Bideew Bou Bess - My Feeling

Pape et Cheikh - Mariama


Watch the Jamaican music videos:

The Jolly Boys - Rehab

Kabaka Pyramid - Slave



Watch the Indian music videos:

Kawa Brass band

Maganiar people


Watch the Indonesian music videos:

White Shoes and the Couples Company


In this interview Sami Yaffa shares the most memorable moments of the Sound Tracker season: