Genelec announces GLM 3.2.0 software update

null Genelec announces GLM 3.2.0 software update

Genelec announces GLM 3.2.0 software update

Users of Genelec’s Smart Active Monitoring range can now take advantage of the newly updated 3.2.0 version of our GLM software, which offers compatibility with a wider range of Genelec models – plus adding a host of other improvements.

The new 3.2.0 software update provides support for the three newest additions to The Ones range of point source monitors – namely the 8351B and 8361 coaxial three-ways and the complementary W371 Adaptive Woofer System – which work seamlessly together via GLM to create a full-range monitoring system with uniquely uncoloured and neutral reference performance, right down to the very lowest frequencies.

Genelec announces GLM 3.2.0 software update

Owners of the new W371 are now offered a number of sophisticated features in GLM that allow complete user control of the way in which the W371 and The Ones’ performance can be tightly integrated – including a WooferCal page which, after room calibration, allows selection of the W371’s Complementary, Continued Directivity or Anti-Reflection modes, plus selection of the crossover frequency search range between the W371 and the main monitor. The user is then able to analyse both System Flatness and System Correlation, which indicates if the monitoring system is sufficiently optimised for the room, or whether some further adjustment to the listening or monitor positioning is required. No other monitoring system gives the user such control over directivity and the ability to remove detrimental room influences, particularly over the critical lowest four octaves.

Genelec GLM 3.2.0 WooferCal

Other new GLM features in 3.2.0 include the selection of ‘AutoCal Cloud’ as the default automatic room calibration mode – with an option for local optimisation if preferred – a new Subwoofer & Monitor pair indicator, improvements to the GLM Level Panel and support for a 6 button wireless volume control.

GLM 3.2.0 also includes important firmware updates for the Genelec 8331A, 8341A, 8351B, 8361A, 7382A models and the GLM network adaptor, and these updates are highly recommended for improved system performance.

Please note: the updating of GLM to provide 64 bit support for macOS Catalina is still ongoing – but unfortunately has been delayed due to an unforeseen issue in transitioning our programming tool to 64 bit mode. Beta testing of the updated tool will begin soon, and we will then be working as fast as we can to bring 64 bit compatibility to GLM. We apologise for any frustration and inconvenience that this might be causing our customers, and we kindly request that anyone who would like to participate in the closed Beta testing please e-mail with the subject line ”Include me in GLM 64 bit closed beta test”. You will then be among the first to know when the closed Beta version is ready to share, which we estimate will be at the 3rd quarter. Thank you for your patience.

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