6 steps to creating your Sonic Reference - Step 1: The foundations

null 6 steps to creating your Sonic Reference - Step 1: The foundations

6 steps to creating your Sonic Reference - Step 1: The foundations


To prepare for the official launch of Genelec’s new GLM 4 loudspeaker manager software, this first of 6 tutorials will start to guide you through every stage required to setup, calibrate and control a studio monitoring system so that it provides a true ‘Sonic Reference’, helping you produce mixes that translate consistently to other rooms and playback systems.

In this first tutorial, Andy Bensley will explain the foundations of building a trustworthy reference monitoring system, and will cover:

• The basics of audio monitoring – workflow and applications
• The key requirements for a professional monitoring system
• How to improve the quality of your mixes through attention to monitor placement and room acoustics
• The user benefits of room calibration
• Manual and automated acoustic calibration methods
• How to create a basic GLM setup

Immediately after the session, you’ll get the chance to answer a series of online questions about the tutorial. Everyone successfully passing 4 or more modules will then receive a certificate, and will also be entered into a prize draw to win a pair of Genelec RAW 8320 Smart Active Monitors and GLM kit.


There are no specific requirements for this module. As this series of tutorials progresses then access to Genelec Smart Active Monitors and GLM software is an advantage, but not essential.

Meet the Presenter

Andy Bensley

Andy first encountered Genelec loudspeakers as a student, and has spent most of his life working with them. Having worked as a studio engineer and FOH engineer, Andy spent six years with Genelec distributor Source Distribution in the UK as pro audio brand manager, before joining Genelec as Regional Business Development Manager in 2019. Andy has huge experience in analysing and improving the in-room performance of loudspeaker systems in a wide range of studios – from the smallest bedroom to the largest post production studio.

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